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Beta Psi Lambda partners with AIDS Healthcare Foundation and KJLH


The Brothers of Beta Psi Lambda (BPL) rolled out their H.A. Callis Healthy Family Initiative on June 20th, 2015. In a collaborative effort with AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), both organizations joined up and serviced the community by providing free literature on HIV and AIDS awareness, in addition to having a mobile unit on site for free testing.  Generating and defining new, innovative ways of treatment, prevention and advocacy is the hallmark of AHF's success. AHF is currently leading a mass testing initiative to identify and treat the 25 million people who don't know they are infected. By advocating big goals - aiming to see an unprecedented 1 billion people tested each year - AHF hopes to eliminate older, more time-consuming methods. Since 1987, AHF has cared for thousands of people living with HIV and AIDS worldwide. As AHF creates and implements unparalleled programs in our communities, the creation of such strategic partnerships expands the delivery of healthcare and influence over policy with the sole aim of saving more lives.

KJLH was also on hand, creating a great vibe by playing the hits and they promoted the outstanding work that these two organizations were performing to the radio station's Los Angeles audience.

Stay tuned as the Brothers of BPL continue to provide service and advocacy for our community, by rolling out an extensive community based awareness program addressing the many ailments that affect our community!


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