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The L.A. Alpha House was an official voting location


The L.A. Alpha House was an official voting location on Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 for the Primary Presidential Election. The Brothers of Beta Psi Lambda honor those who came before them and shed blood that they may have the opportunity. The Brothers ask that you honor those who walk with you who may feel hopeless .Have your say and exercise your civic voice.
As committed community advocates, the Brothers of Beta Psi Lambda realize that finding polling places does not always work out so easily. Why? Oftentimes polling locations cannot be found due to a limited amount of space in a precinct or a lack of accessible sites. This is why the Los Angeles County Registrar rely on the community to provide qualified polling locations. The L.A. Alpha house was donated as a polling place for Primary Election Day, June/2016 and all of the items needed to operate a polling place, from tables and chairs to staffing were provided by the county.
Feels good to service the community!!
Polling Place Minimum Requirements
    •    The room used for voting must have 600 square feet of useable floor space
    •    Restroom availability for poll workers
    •    Adequate lighting both inside and outside until the end of Election Day
    •    At least two 3-prong electrical outlets
    •    Space enough to accommodate 6 to 12 eSlates (electric voting booths), cardboard voting booths, table(s) and chairs
    •    A secured area to store equipment caddy which houses the voting booths, which is approximately 28” deep /31” wide /60” long
    •    Allow access prior to Election Day for a site visit and remain available for changes in requirements and new election information

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