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Brother Jamelle Nelson becomes a father!


On February 10, 2019, Brother Jamelle Nelson became a first-time father to baby girl Jessie J. Nelson. Leading up to the birth of his daughter, Brother Nelson knew life would forever change and bring new responsibilities as the head of household. However, he was ready for the task as he and his wife Brittany were ecstatic to expand the Nelson family name. Upon the arrival of baby J.J., words could not describe the joy and happiness it meant to have been blessed with a healthy and beautiful baby girl. Initially, Brother Nelson desired for his first born to be a boy. But upon the first look upon his daughter’s face, that thought was nonexistent and all he could think of was how happy he was to have the opportunity to raise a little princess. God has truly blessed the Nelson family and they consider each day to be an opportunity to give love, support and patience to each other. Love now has a new meaning for Brother Nelson and family and we congratulate him on this new journey in life.

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